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How to Hand Dye Yarn

Always wanted to play with color and dye your own yarn? The Dive Into Dyeing Series from beloved yarn brand KnitCrate is the super simple and fun way to successfully learn how to start hand-dyeing yarn. With this series, you’ll get top-notch instruction — plus all the supplies and tools you need to learn how to safely dye yarn at home. With the Dive Into Dyeing Series, you can master yarn dyeing basics and create beautifully colored yarn along the way. 

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How the Series Works 

With this series, you’ll learn as you play through guided, hands-on instruction. You’ll learn to dye yarn in three different ways, practicing with the supplies we ship you, and ultimately creating many skeins of richly dyed, completely custom yarn! Each month, for three months, you’ll learn different techniques, building on your new yarn dyeing skills and creating more hand-dyed creations! 

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This series is tailored for the new dyer and designed to make it easy to do right at home. Overwhelmed by online tutorials? We’ve got you! We’ll show you tips and tricks that successful indie dyers use, going through one technique at a time. Plus, you can stop guessing what and how much dyes to buy, because we’ll ship exactly what a beginner needs, from gloves to colors, straight to you. 

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Long-time knitters know KnitCrate as a company that’s for empowering crafters just like you! Trusted for making gorgeously soft, high quality yarn more affordable, we believe in helping everyone invest in themselves and their own skills. And, our eco-conscious friends love our environmentally sound business practices (mulesing-free yarn, compostable packaging, and carbon-offsetting) too! 

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